On the overall economic front, it’s clear that W.A. is in a state of flux. While there is significant renewed investment in mining and talk about skills shortages, business growth is positive but on a slow growth curve. A recent CCIWA survey indicated mixed business confidence amongst CEOs and business owners around the state.

My own observations are that there is a renewed sense of vigour and positivity for the local economy. Many of the firms that simply rode the wave of the past boom while maintaining inferior strategy, business practices, services and product have simply vanished as they could not sustain themselves during the downturn. That has frequently left the stronger players in the market.

On a community front, we have renewed feelings of isolation in many communities, not to mention a growing illicit drugs epidemic and social fracturing. The challenges here are broad and multifaceted and also include a perceived lack of economic opportunity for many, affecting their lives and families.

Combined, I believe that these conditions present opportunities for committed individuals and organisations to make a significant difference – both for themselves and for others – and I am almost compelled to say that the Chamber of Commerce And Community is one of the vehicles by which you can make a significant difference for your business and organisation.

As we start 2019 there are multiple initiatives that we are undertaking in order to promote business and community opportunities for our Members and our area at large. These opportunities include business expos, learning and development opportunities, advocacy, direct connections with policy makers, community group support vehicles, fantastic networking with an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit, and promotional opportunities and partnerships for our Members.

The Chamber of Commerce And Community will continue to act as the new voice of business and community in our area, encouraging and supporting our Members in their growth and success.

If you wish to join our growing Chamber family, email us at ceo@chamberofcommerceandcommunity.com or phone 08 6192 1034.

Join us for a great year ahead!

CEO and Chairman

Peter J. McLean

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