Malaga and Districts Added to the Chamber
Another great announcement for the Chamber of Commerce And Community:

Following a forum tonight (Wednesday June 19) with key, enthusiastic leaders from the Malaga business community, we have agreed that the Chamber of Commerce And Community will now serve Malaga and its immediate surrounds.

Malaga contains a tremendous collection of businesses from micro through to manufacturers and large-scale innovators.

Malaga presents a very different set of conditions to those of Ellenbrook, Bullsbrook, The Swan Valley and surrounds. Each of the areas has their distinctives. The links between them, however, will be of great benefit to all parties.

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Metronet Comes to Ellenbrook Business Expo

I’m pleased to announce that Metronet has joined our list of exhibitors at the Ellenbrook Business Expo, being held July 4, 2019 from 10 until 4 pm at Ellenbrook House, 34 Main Street.

Register your ticket to visit the Ellenbrook Business Expo here:

You will be able to talk with Metronet staff about the development of Metronet, plans and potential routes as well as a host of issues – impact on travel, real estate, industry, economics, education, careers and communities – that will impact all of Perth for decades to come. Forget all the rumours and talk from third parties, find out straight from the horse’s mouth.

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How do I Link In?

Recently, LinkedIn expert Darrel Griffin spoke at one of our Lunch ‘N Learns about how to use LinkedIn for business and personal growth.

Darrel has had tremendous success using LinkedIn to actually make money for companies – a novel idea, I know – to the tune of millions of dollars in sales. Additionally, he’s used it to create links and an ever-growing network and community that has personally enhanced him and his members.

So what is one of the key takeaways from Darrel’s presentation?

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Malaga Districts Business Forum – Chamber of Commerce And Community

Malaga and Districts businesses and NFPs are invited to attend a special forum on the evening of June 19, 2019.

This forum is an opportunity to discuss how the Chamber of Commerce And Community, based out of neighbouring Ellenbrook, can serve the needs of the Malaga business community.


Since 2018, the newly launched Chamber of Commerce And Community (CCAC) has been serving businesses and NFPs in Ellenbrook, Swan Valley, Bullsbrook and surrounding areas. A number of businesses from the Midland, CBD and Malaga areas have already joined the Chamber.

With thriving, enthusiastic membership, activities, strong links with and suppport from all levels of government, Expos, networking, seminars, advocacy, active business/commercial facilitation and more, the Chamber is positioned to provide the Malaga area with a new means to engage, develop and grow.

CEO, Chairman and Founder, Peter McLean, would like to meet with interested parties and discuss your assessment of your needs and desires for joining and working with the Chamber to grow your businesses and the Malaga area.


CCAC Ltd does not operate like a number of other business associations. Although it is Membership-based, it is a Not-For-Profit Public Company, Ltd by Guarantee, with a number of set directors (appointed by invitation only) and restricted voting rights. In this respect, CCAC is similar to CCIWA in its company structure and constitution.

The purpose of this organisation is to serve businesses and the greater community, therefore we have structured it to prevent political platforming and the formation of power cliques.


The guiding principle of the CCAC is that of service to our Members, therefore we wish to first determine how we can best serve you.

We could write a whole lot of bizspeak here about drive, innovation, etc. etc. etc. but the reality is if you’re at all like us, then you’re tired of games. You just want to be a part of a great association of like-minded people, while you drive your business further, access opportunities and are part of a successful community.


Register your interest for the Forum here. You can also email Peter directly at

There is no obligation implied by attendance, but we are looking for (more than) “a few good men and women” who will enthusiastically engage and support the Chamber’s activity in the area.

*PLEASE NOTE: The meeting date and location is tentative, depending on numbers and your availability. We will notify all interested parties if there is any change.

See you soon!

Peter J. McLean

CEO, Founder and Chairman

The Chamber of Commerce And Community

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Department of Consumer Protection to Join Ellenbrook Business Expo

We’re delighted to announce that the WA Department of Consumer Protection will be joining the Ellenbrook Business Expo on July 4, providing organisations across the region access to great information to assist you in conducting your business.


Consumer Protection joins a growing list of organisations and companies at the Expo, like:

  • AusIndustry
  • Small Business Development Corporation
  • Lions Club Ellenbrook
  • BOSS Centre Midland
  • ANZ Ellenbrook
  • The Local Loan Company
  • Bendigo Bank Ellenbrook
  • Vidtiser
  • Integration and Empowerment Services
  • Ellenbrook Serviced Offices
  • Terasa Palezza Real Estate
  • Carbon Accounting Ellenbrook
  • Ellenbrook Legal
  • Midland Women’s Health Care Place
  • Arc-X Finance
  • Ellenbrook Community Collective
  • Loan Market
  • Paterson Dowding Lawyers
  • Ellenbrook Ballet Academy
  • Gerson Graphic Design Studios

and more at the Expo.

Follow the link here if you wish to register a place. Don’t miss out!

See you there.

Peter McLean
Chamber of Commerce And Community

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Strategy Is For Everyone

It was Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, Prussian Army Chief of Staff during the 19th Century, who stated that “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

His line has been adopted and adapted many times over in everything from boxing to business. Despite that, many businesses and organisations persist in spending inordinate amounts of time, money and resources in detailed long-range planning that ends up being worthless past the very first stage of implementation.

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