Regretfully, we have cancelled the Bullsbrook Expo due to lack of exhibitor registrations.

Given the large investment of time, resources and energy in setting up, preparing for and participating in the Expo for both the Chamber and those exhibiting, I couldn’t justify running the Expo with the low numbers as I do not believe it would especially benefit anyone. This is an investment that all of the Exhibitors and attendees make and it has to be worth their while.

This was a legacy project from last year and is a nice idea that I don’t think Bullsbrook is quite ready for. There are a number of factors that have impeded signup for this iteration of the Expo, including: the current size of our Bullsbrook-based membership, the maturity of the overall Bullsbrook business environment, the Bullsbrook Country Fair happening in April, exhibitors backing out on further consideration of the area and a lack of clarity surrounding the purpose of the Expo at a Bullsbrook location. I think something different is required that is more suited to the area.

Since the deadline last week, I have already had a number of exhibitors say they were simply late in signing up and asking if registration was still open. We are going to change registration procedures, therefore, in order to ensure that we have sufficient numbers before fully rolling out. A number of you were unable to make it simply due to the hours scheduled for the day, so we are planning to revise the times to fit within regular business hours.

An Ellenbrook Expo, however, is an entirely different proposition. There is considerably more enthusiasm and readiness to hold the Expo based out of Ellenbrook.

Nola and I have just spent quite some time reviewing the many issues and planning immediately for an Ellenbrook Expo. We are looking at early June dates, to give time to involve all stakeholders. We already have commitments from the City of Swan and other agencies to ensure that this is an attractive and valuable opportunity for all exhibitors and attendees.

Ideally, we will have a minimum of 20-30 businesses or agencies at the Expo to make it a valuable experience for all involved. If we can have more than that, I would be extremely pleased and think it would be an outstanding success.

If you have any suggestions, requests or comments regarding an Ellenbrook Expo, they are more than welcome – I want them! Please send any through to me.

Looking forward, I am confident that an Ellenbrook Expo will be a valuable endeavour for exhibitors and attendees and will be inviting more input from the general Membership very soon. Now all we need is a sexy name for the event. Expo sounds very staid. How about “Ellenbrook Business Expressway” or “Ellenbrook Business Bash”? Nah! They’re terrible! Make a suggestion, as long as it’s clean!

Peter J. McLean, CEO

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