As Members will know, there has been some movement and a brief period of resetting in the Chamber, following changes in directors and executive officers. We’re continuing to establish new resources and are always developing opportunities for our Members.

Here are a few updates for Members:


It’s been a long time coming and the final results won’t be confirmed until 2026, but it finally looks like all relevant State authorities have agreed with the Morrison Federal Government’s proposition to fully revamp GST, enabling Western Australia to get its fair share both in times of plenty and times of want.

The interim arrangements to ensure that “no State loses out” with extra-GST federal payments is going to cost the taxpayer, as always, but it was always the case that States with less productive economies would be crying poor when states like WA reclaimed the GST currently granted to those States to shore up their finances. The Federal government’s proposal was finally a way through and should have been undertaken years ago by previous governments and politicians, but they were afraid to push the button. We applaud the determination of PM Scott Morrison and the continuing advocacy of our own successive State governments, including our current Labor government.

It was always a loss-inducing plan to introduce the GST, back when it was conceived and implemented in the 1990s. Having lived overseas with these kind of consumption taxes in place, my wife (a Canadian) and I always contended that its introduction would continually inflate pricing and it has. Unfortunately, it is in place and will not be going away, therefore it is important that it at least be fair that the State that generates the GST through its economic activity be the principal beneficiary of those funds. In that way, success is rewarded, not penalised.

As a Chamber, and I know from the comments of Members, we welcome this revision and look forward to its continuing support throughout Australia.


The Chamber welcomed an initiative from MP Jessica Shaw’s Office to hold a Chamber-only State Government Community Cabinet in Ellenbrook. Scheduled for Monday, November 19, this invitation-only event promises to connect our Members with the most prominent members of the State Government, including our Premier, Mr. Mark McGowan. This is just another example of the Chamber working for you.


Leaders from the Chamber were invited to attend a Community Sundowner on Thursday November 15, organised and sponsored by the office of Federal AG and Member for Pearce, Mr. Christian Porter. I took a number of Members to represent the Chamber and connect with other leaders across our Community.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t have all of our Members come 🙂 We were, however, delighted to be able to represent you and create more connections for our community.

We continue to seek these opportunities and provide individual Members the opportunity to participate and have a direct influence in our area.

  • “Brag About Your Business” (or Community Group) Breakfast is back on! We’re trying breakfast again at Swan Valley Café, on Wednesday December 5th.
  • Coffee Catch Up will be announced via email invitation.
  • We’re holding a Sundowner at the end of November/early December, venue and date to be announced.

I’m pleased to notify you that we continue to admit new Members within our area. Strategically, it is important that the Chamber grow in multiple directions at once – for example, we deliberately manage how many incoming members of one type of industry at a time, so that the Chamber is not overloaded with internal competitors. Although we do not refuse a good-faith Member application, I discuss the benefits and “load” we have of a particular kind of Member and ensure that we are not targeting too many from one industry in our referral process.


Summer is a busy time of vacations, shopping, Christmas, New Year’s, kids, trips and more. We know that Perth effectively has a shutdown on new business-related activities until Australia Day is over in the New Year (those of you in BD or sales really know what I mean).

Although most businesses do not shut down and you are still busy over the summer, I know that it’s difficult to get people together given the sheer number of activities they need to attend and the desire to head out with the kids or grandkids, especially if that involves a relaxing trip to the beach.

Therefore, we will mostly be quiet on the formal activity front during the summer. We are planning an informal catch-up during January, looking to jump back into a full schedule in February.

As we head into the new year, there will be a raft of new and growing opportunities for Members, some of which will need to be planned before the end of the year. We will get in touch directly with Members regarding some of these opportunities as planning proceeds.

I am also planning a 2019 forum event, “The State of Ellenbrook, The Valley and Bullsbrook” which will pull together a number of different authorities and agencies involved in the development of our area. Many Members have requested this kind of event to help them to put together the whole picture of the development of our geographic area – what’s happening now with Northlink and Metronet, industrial zoning, Ellenbrook and Bullsbrook developments, other economic and community initiatives and more. Getting the representatives there on the same day will be the challenge, but all of the different agents I have spoken with until now have been enthusiastic about presenting and talking about what’s happening 🙂

I hope to see you at one of our Chamber events soon. In the meantime, any time you have a query or need that the Chamber might be able to address, you can call or email any time.

At your service,

Peter McLean

(c) 2018 Peter J. McLean for Chamber of Commerce And Community

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