How the world is starting to look for many of you.

Hello to all of our members and friends of the Chamber.

My daughters have it, many others have it, you may have it: Zoom dread.

As we all adjust to the Coronavirus Crisis and everyone madly scrambles to use the best videoconferencing tools for them, we’ve all had to become attuned to tinny, echo-ey sounds, dropouts and tech fumbles over those connections. “Social distancing” has well and truly entered the lexicon. Thankfully, the actual viral infection rate in WA has been extremely low. We’re blessed to have a big sea border and few roads into the state to protect us from transmission, just as the “girt by sea” aspect protects the whole nation. Bring on face-to-face!

Admirably, many of you have been able to pivot where possible – including takeaways for restaurants, virtual classes for clients, remote team meetings and more. Many are happy, yet still concerned, that school classes will resume from next week, so we hope that you are able to adjust with your family during the coming weeks.

Although it will not replace business as usual, the government subsidies now coming into play should help on the financial front. Nevertheless, we have seen massive business disruption and community impact, with the likes of Virgin Australia going into administration, the killing of the tourism industry and impact across all organisations and for all people. Please make sure you take advantage of every financial support available to you. The impact of the pandemic will be felt for years to come, so you can’t afford to miss out if you are eligible.

With that in mind, I have included the main body of an email sent by the Carbon Group regarding the Jobkeeper payment. From Monday, 20 April – yesterday – businesses could enrol for the payment via the ATO Business Portal. PLEASE NOTE that the payment also applies to sole traders and directors of companies that meet the eligibility criteria – it is NOT just for PAYG employees. Visit the ATO website for more details.

If you’re eligible, you MUST ENROL BY APRIL 26 to be covered for March payments. It’s EASY to enrol.

Here’s the message from the Carbon Group.

JobKeeper details have been released over the past few weeks in a drip feed manner and we have been constantly updating ourselves with the changing rules and guidance.
Remember that the JobKeeper program only applies to businesses who have experienced at least a 30% reduction in revenue.
We now have a more complete picture of the process that needs to happen, please see below for the two options in order to enrol for the JobKeeper program:

Option 1 – Apply for JobKeeper and manage the process yourself  
Follow the detailed steps by the ATO here.

In the above link, you will find the steps that cover:Eligibility and enrolmentOngoing monthly reporting obligationsTiming of payments In order to manage the process yourself, you will need to have access to the ATO Business Portal, please see here for steps on how to do so if you have not set this up already.

Option 2 – Carbon can assist you with the JobKeeper process  
We can assist with either part or all of the following:Eligibility for JobKeeper (turnover test)Enrolment for JobKeeper from Monday 20th AprilOngoing monthly reporting obligations If you wish to be paid the first two tranches (two fortnights) for the month of April you will need to have enrolled by the 26th April, you can apply after this date however you will miss out on the first two fortnights worth of JobKeeper.
Check out our blog for more information.
Reach out to your adviser or contact us if you would like Carbon to assist.

Here’s a reminder of some of the support provided through the Chamber during the Crisis:

1. Dedicated Website page and Social Media Updates

The Chamber website has a page dedicated to the Coronavirus Epidemic and Crisis Management. This page is updated live from many of the included sites, with accurate and valuable info that you can use. Updates also continue to be posted via Facebook. through to the Coronavirus Information Page

2. Crisis-related Webinars

The recorded Finances Webinar with Michelle Maynard is available for viewing. It contains financially-related information that is invaluable and still current. I continue to hear many questions directly addressed during this webinar. As school returns, we will schedule more webinars. through to access the Finances Webinar

3. Voicing business and community concerns with all levels of government.

We are in contact with all levels of government. If you have concerns, questions or ideas you would like us to take to differing levels of government, please contact me.

4. Online Networking opportunities

With the return to school next week, that will allow more time to connect with other businesses and find out how and what we are doing to adapt during these times. We will schedule a virtual networking session soon and you will receive the invitation in your email inbox.

5. Community Cabinet Online Meetings

The Community Cabinet is being scheduled to provide an information and initiative-sharing forum to support our community.

6. Support Materials

For the past several weeks, I have been posting weekly blogs related to our crisis on my business blog at You may find these valuable. Many of you have, or have access to, other valuable online resources. If you have any that you wish to share, please forward it to us and we will share it where appropriate through our site and social media.

7. FREE Phone Consultation

Exclusively for members, I am offering a free 20-minute phone consultation regarding your strategy, business continuity, leadership and business development/marketing or even for personal issues related to your work. I have already conducted these free consults with a number of members and they have found them extremely valuable. My own business is a strategy, business management consulting and executive coaching business. High-value businesses invest many $$ in my services. I never push my own business through the Chamber- that’s not why I founded it – so if you want to take advantage of this free offer, contact me and we’ll set a time.

If you have ideas or concerns that you would like to raise at any time, then please contact me and we will help you wherever we can.

Wishing you all the best. Stay safe!

Peter J. McLean

© 2020 Peter J. McLean

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