It was a very pleasant surprise for us to be able to partner as the local host for the Federal Small Business Fair in Perth North on February 6, organised in conjunction with Christian Porter and his staff, Senator Michaelia Cash and her office and the Department of Small and Family Businesses.

We were delighted that both Christian and Senator Cash were able to come and speak at the event and meet with local business owners and Chamber members attending, as well as many visitors to our area. The Vines Resort was a prime location for the event, even though the temperature soared that day.

Over 80 people attended throughout the day. It was a very hot day, so although almost 200 had registered to attend, we were pleased with the turnout. All of the attendees (members included) with whom I spoke found the information they gained valuable. As a boon, there were many attendees from outside our geographic area who were surprised and delighted to discover what we have available.

These kinds of initiatives are good for our area, for our businesses and for our community. Events like this are a tremendous way to attract interest and, down the road, trade and investment. Businesses and investors are simply not used to coming out this way to do business. That is part of the reason why we will build more and bigger events into our calendar to attract presence, work and investment to our area. Participating alongside the Fair organisers and witnessing the event, we were able to objectively observe a number of pros and cons that we will consider in our own event planning.

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