I was recently introduced to a term new to me in business – “Harvest time”. It’s a retail and hospitality term for that time when all the expected good stuff for the year comes crashing in.

We were looking into securing assistance for one of our Members who operate in the hospitality area when a consultant I had sourced shared the term with me. They understood that the business owners will be super-busy this time of year – leading up to end-of-year functions, Christmas, New Years, summer engagements weddings, school celebrations and more.

It’s Crunch-Time for those businesses.

When’s your harvest time? Do you have one? Sometimes it can be years worth of trust-building, small interactions, tests and try-outs, small purchases or seeking of services, before customers and clients come a-knocking for their big needs.

It’s at this time that you need to be prepared to get going and hit hard. It’s no use then saying, “Give me a couple of months or years while I gear up for delivery.” It’s at that point that you need to be firing on all cylinders and exploding down the raceway.

We have other members ready for harvest time who have been working all through 2018 and 2019 getting ready to offer services and products in the area.

Reaping a harvest requires preparing the field, getting your equipment ready, knowing where you will sell to market and what people will buy or need, preparing the resources needed to grow your product, buying and sowing your seed, tending to those seeds’ growth, keeping the bugs and parasites away, praying for the right rains while supplementing it with your irrigation, pruning out the weeds and bad yield as you see it grow, all the while talking to potential buyers and working out market needs, and then bringing in the harvest, sorting it, storing it, preparing it for sale and taking it to market, selling your buyers, delivering and following through.

In other words, not much 🙂

If harvest time is wanting, then you need to work out how to generate it and how to reap it. Your Chamber network can help.

Get ready for Harvest time!

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