Recently, LinkedIn expert Darrel Griffin spoke at one of our Lunch ‘N Learns about how to use LinkedIn for business and personal growth.

Darrel has had tremendous success using LinkedIn to actually make money for companies – a novel idea, I know – to the tune of millions of dollars in sales. Additionally, he’s used it to create links and an ever-growing network and community that has personally enhanced him and his members.

So what is one of the key takeaways from Darrel’s presentation?

Without giving away his farm, one of the key points to successfully using LinkedIn Darrel made is to approach it like LinkedIn really is a conversation. I know that can be astonishing to content farmers and “creators” who want to use it to bombard connections. And when he means conversations, he means good ones: questions, answers, actually engaging with something the other person cares about.

Good conversation is essential to good organisations, good communities, good relationships, good work and good business. It’s one of the reasons why our Chamber has numerous opportunities for you to individually and personally connect with others.

If you are holding back on conversing and engaging with others, not only are you holding back your business or organisation, you’re holding back life.

Use the avenues at your disposal to reasonably connect with others, to converse and to build enterprises of worth. And while you connect on LinkedIn, don’t forget to connect through your Chamber.

What, have a conversation?! You’ll be amazed at the results.

You can find out more from Darrel at his new online LinkedIn community, the In Crowd,

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