Last week I had the privilege of being the M.C. for an event held in Perth – Home-Grown Heroes at the Crown – dedicated to real estate professionals and run by the team at Real Estate Brilliance. Congratulations to the brilliant Ryan Thompson and his team on an outstanding event.

Featuring presentations by some of the most highly successful real estate agents in both Western Australia and Australia, there were numerous tales told of how they achieved success DESPITE some of the toughest market conditions they had ever seen.

For example, Rick Hockey, one of WA’s top real estate performers, works in the Port Hedland area where real estate values dropped overnight from $750,000 per house to $250,000. How do you create success in those kinds of conditions?

The common theme amongst the speakers, even Eastern States visitor James Tostevin, a multi-million dollar commission-earning agent, was that they all turned to something they loved – yes, real estate – to support something far greater than themselves: their loved ones or a cause. Man or woman, they couldn’t let themselves fail because they wanted to provide for their families, support their people, help their clients in a tough market or achieve a goal bigger than just themselves doing well at work earning some money or having a nice car or going on a trip.

As it turns out, having gotten to personally know a number of these folks, they’re all great people. They are dedicated, hard-working and they are goal-oriented, smart, successful businesspeople. They are also genuinely nice people who care about their staff, clients and others and are enjoyable to be around. I’d happily do business with any one of them. I wish one of them could have sold a house of mine a few years back – probably would have gotten a better result.

What drove their success, however? Was it greater talent, better opportunities or personalities? In the end, it was being driven by a purpose greater than themselves that drove their success.

It was my genuine pleasure to serve as MC for the event and to mingle with the big crowd there. I wish many hundreds and thousands more could have attended the one-day conference. There was not just inspiration but so many practical business and life lessons that anyone outside the real estate industry could apply in their organisation or community. There were lessons about overcoming hurdles, managing personal trials, gaining courage, developing skills, seeking help and finding a path to achievement that matters.

Success can look different for everyone. What’s driving yours?

© 2019 Peter J. McLean

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