Another great announcement for the Chamber of Commerce And Community:

Following a forum tonight (Wednesday June 19) with key, enthusiastic leaders from the Malaga business community, we have agreed that the Chamber of Commerce And Community will now serve Malaga and its immediate surrounds.

Malaga contains a tremendous collection of businesses from micro through to manufacturers and large-scale innovators.

Malaga presents a very different set of conditions to those of Ellenbrook, Bullsbrook, The Swan Valley and surrounds. Each of the areas has their distinctives. The links between them, however, will be of great benefit to all parties.

As it is, many of those who work in and own businesses in Malaga live in the areas in and around Ellenbrook, The Swan Valley, The Vines and Bullsbrook, creating a natural link between the areas. All of these areas, of course, are also part of the City of Swan.

All members of the Chamber will be invited to any event throughout our regions – whether in Ellenbrook, Malaga, Bullsbrook or the Swan Valley. With Ellenbrook’s beautiful town centre, restaurants and facilities there will be many more opportunities for Malaga businesses (just 15 mins drive away via the new Northlink) to network, form alliances and learn in conducive surroundings. The many large and spacious offices and facilities of many Malaga Members will provide insight into how those businesses operate and into their services. The cross-fertilisation will prompt many alliances and partnerships. Bullsbrook’s distinctive rural flavour and The Swan Valley’s outstanding estates and produce will all provide a variety of beautiful, engaging and inspiring venues and a variety of formats for many different kinds of endeavours.

More than the places themselves, the people, the ideas and the resources that can and will flow between these areas will be a boon to the whole region. This flow and our intentional fostering of opportunity will help us to establish our part of WA as THE sought-after centre for economic innovation and endeavour while creating and engaging in a community that we can proudly prosper for a long time to come.

Please welcome the Malaga Members into our stable. We look forward to many years working together to advance our businesses and our community.

© 2019 Peter J. McLean

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