What's In It for Members?


Since our launch in June 2018, the Chamber has added over 110 enthusiastic and inspired organisations working together to build their businesses and community – and we are adding new members every week!

We serve our Members so that they can thrive!

Our mission is to drive economic growth throughout our area in order to build a dynamic and sustainable community. We combine both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations in our Chamber, because our members want to build both. We believe that without business, there is no community and that without community, there is no business!

We already enjoy full support and growing relationships at local, state and federal levels, providing our members with greater assistance, support, cooperation and a voice for their business and their community group.

Through the Chamber, our Members have already:

· Developed joint ventures with other members.

· Gained new clients.

· Developed new business or community opportunities.

· Accessed expertise to help them grow.

· Re-ignited stalled million-dollar ventures with our assistance.

· Found reliable service and professional providers.

· Showcased and promoted their business or community group.

· Achieved new sales and referrals.

· Joined a warm, enthusiastic and supportive group of like-minded entrepreneurs and community-minded people. They’re simply a fantastic group.



· Fantastic weekly networking and info events in Ellenbrook, Swan Valley, Bullsbrook and surrounds – spread out at different times and days to fit your schedule.

· A minimum of 8 FREE networking and informational events available throughout the year.

· Opportunities for more clients and sales.

· A referral network with people of integrity and calibre.

· Information and Resources to help you grow.

· A wealth of ideas, inspiration and support from your peer group.

· Building a dynamic network of peers. We do things differently and ensure that you meet many new and different people at our events and our joint-CEOs and Chamber Members actively introduce you to others within the Chamber. No boring meetings where you always see the same few people.

· Access to world-class experts who are already part of our Membership.

· Access to local educational and training seminars.

· Relationships at local, state and federal authorities through events and through your joint-CEOs, Kelly and Peter, who meet regularly with all levels.

· Potential alliances and partnerships.

· Opportunities to develop innovative projects in business and community.

· Assistance and initial guidance with your needs. 

· Direction and assistance with navigating local and state regulations and issues.

· Being connected from the ground-up on the important developments.

· Exclusive access to development sites and information.

· Finding more access to products and services you never knew existed.

· Know-how to connect you with the right people to resolve issues or improve conditions.

· Future access to co-working spaces.

· Referral to in-depth expertise when you need it.

· And more … The sky’s the limit. 


Complete an application form and remit the annual membership payment, which we have kept packed with great value in return for your investment. You must be a business or community group in good standing. We will notify when we have accepted your application. Once accepted, start attending and join in. You take it from there and Your Chamber will help at every step .

Download an application form below or contact one of the CEOs, Kelly or Peter, at ceo@chamberofcommerceandcommunity.com.


Application Form

Chamber CC Membership Application_July_2018 (docx)



The Epicentre of Business

"The Chamber of Commerce and Community came out of an  idea and is quickly becoming the epicentre of a wonderful community  collaboration. 

Kelly and Peter have done a wonderful job bringing the  Chamber of Commerce and Community together into this large conglomerate  of like minds, community driven people and a wonderful and warm  collaboration of business people. 

 While my business primarily deals  with large enterprise businesses, I give my time back to community  chambers because this is the place where all businesses grow from. I  have existing friendships in the Chamber and over time will nurture new friendships.

The Chamber is going the right way about developing the  framework for a strong community base. It is not just about building  the business-to-business relationships but also the  business-to-community relationships.  Just like doing business anywhere  in Asia to which Focus Cyber Group does their fair share of, friendship  comes first and then business second. You can trust your friends so  friendship is the most important part. 

Keep up the great work Kelly and  Peter and look forward to the long and prosperous and healthy journey  that lies ahead. "

- Thomas Jreige

Managing Director, Focus Cyber Group

Never Have I Felt So Welcome

"As soon as Peter invited me to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Community I knew straight away I wanted to be involved. I had been searching for a community of like minded business people for some time, and was excited to jump on board right away. It is a lonely job being a small business owner, so it has been fantastic to connect with others in the same boat as me.

I have been a member of other business groups in the past, but never have I felt so welcome and included as I do with this wonderful group. Everyone is really supportive and genuinely interested in my business, as well as how we can all help each other to grow the Ellenbrook community as a whole.

I’m looking forward to working with the Chamber over the coming years and feel like this is such an exciting time to be involved.

Congratulations and THANK YOU Peter and Kelly."

- Miss Erin

Owner & Principal, Ellenbrook Ballet Academy

Blown Me Away

"There was no hesitation from me when Kelly started the Chamber. I felt welcomed, included and part of the journey from day one.

I have tried other associations but none have ever given me the sense of family and support that this one has. Rembering my name and what I did was awesome, but connecting me with others, pushing me out of my comfort zone, and committing to support me in my journey has blown me away.

I have already conducted business with a number of other members and I'm starting to collaborate with another on a joint venture.

Peter and Kelly are doing a great job and I look forward to many more years with the Chamber - Job well done - This was just what I needed!"

- Jo Manning

Owner, Rockside Bookkeeping