Terms of Services

No Implied Guarantee or Liability

All services used within the Membership Pages of The Chamber of Commerce And Community are provided without guarantee or liability. Although we endeavour to maintain accurate information, no guarantee of its accuracy is implied. Uptime on the site is also not guaranteed, but please tell us if the site is down or not working.

Use of Data

No data is shared with external agencies. Membership details are provided only for the benefit of paid Members. Any sharing with third parties, without the express permission of the Chamber and/or Member concerned will result in immediate forfeit of your rights as a Member, without compensation, and may result in prosecution. We respect the internet privacy laws of Australia and are subject to those laws.

In other words, this is for Member eyes only and is not to be shared.

Online Standards and Behaviour

All Members are expected to use professional and respectful language and online behaviour. Profane language will be immediately expunged and may result in being blocked from the Members pages. No trolling is permitted.

Data trawling and agglomerating is discouraged. If you wish to add Members to your email lists, you may use the Member information provided to contact them individually and request permission to add them to your lists.

Trolling Members will not be permitted. Any justifiable complaints made against individual Members may result in their termination from and blocking on the site – via email addresses and/or domain names and/or IP addresses.

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