We have been in touch with all members via registered mobile numbers and are pleased to report that so far the impact from the fires has been minimal to them. Again, so far.

There are still members and so many in our region whose homes and livelihoods stand in the potential paths of the fires. Not to mention that some of you will no doubt have friends or acquaintances connected to the sad loss of 59 homes and counting. And, of course, there are many fighting the fires on the front lines.

Thankfully, reports from DFES, police and the various shires involved indicate that no-one appears to have lost their life in this tragic fire. I’ve not yet seen any assessments regarding animals and wildlife.

Of course, there is the enormous area of bush, including our beautiful local national parks and traditional lands, that has been burnt.

One of the great things about the Australian outback, however, is its great resilience in the aftermath of fire. Regrowth will occur and we’ll see it soon.

For those who’ve opened their homes to others, thank you.

For those who’ve donated space or resources for others impacted, thank you.

And for those continuing to fight these fires and hope and pray that they will soon go down, thank you.

We have a fantastic, supportive community. Keep it up.

As those who’ve lost homes have to return to life and rebuild once this fire is over, I hope we can all contribute to helping them to recover.

We’ll be advising of efforts and resources as they arise.

Keep safe!

Peter McLean


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