We were privileged to attend the City of Swan Mayoral Breakfast last Saturday evening. The main special guest was the Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency David Hurley.

His Excellency the Governor-General of Australia, David Hurley

The other special guests were the hundreds of individuals serving our community through numerous roles, both remunerated and voluntary.

It was an inspiring evening, that reminded us how many continue to work tirelessly – and tired, but still pushing through – throughout the year, for the benefit of others. The Governor-General was gracious in his comments and spent several days touring weather and bushfire-damaged sites to support those attempting to rebuild.

As a leadership consultant, I remind my clients that leadership should be put in its proper context – it’s a means to an end. Service, on the other hand, is its own end. Service achieves real outcomes and leads others to success.

One of the Governor-General’s many comments was around the fact that he frequently found Australians throughout the country who, in the midst of hardship, say “We’re not afraid of hard work. Just give us what we need to get it done.” And that’s the aim of good leadership – give people what they need to get the job done.

Through the Chamber, we seek to support you in working in both business and community in order to achieve success across multiple dimensions. If you need help getting what you need, join in and work with others to “get it done”.

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