True! Nervous, dreadfully nervous you may have been and are; but will they say that you are mad?

It is impossible to say how the idea may first enter your brain, but once conceived, it will haunt you day and night. Your passionate ideal for your business, your venture, your enterprise may make you seem mad. It beats within you, no matter how much you tried to bury and cover it. Others may have even tried to, but this is the point:

Over time, over years, perhaps, the beating within grew louder, louder, louder until it could be contained no more.

Being a Chamber member – whether for profit or not-for-profit – means you are a member of that world that wants to have its own voice, its own influence; to stand and fall on its own.

Running your own business is not for the faint of heart. When you work for others you feel that nagging need to be out there doing your great deeds – to fail or succeed on your own merits, but never to have thought “If only …”

Join with others with that same beating heart in the community supported by our Chamber. Join in events. Recognise the best. Work together as partners. Share the passion, the ideas, the highs, the lows, while striving for something better.

They may call you mad, but you know what it is: you’re in business!

Try cover it though you might, there is no denying that vision pounding behind your eyes, in your dreams and in your very body, telling its tale to the world. Tear up the planks and reveal the beating of that marvellous heart.

(With acknowledgement to Edgar Allen Poe)

(c) 2020 Peter J. McLean

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